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Rebuild your smile at William L. Edwards Dentistry

Are you missing teeth or wearing dentures? Time or disease can disrupt a smile, leaving you less confident. You deserve to grin as big as you please, with no hesitation!

At William L. Edwards Dentistry, we can help you reconstruct your smile. Through Dr. Edwards’ residency, he earned many accolades, including Fellowship status and membership in The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICO).

About Dr. Edwards’ Qualifications

The ICOI is the world’s largest dental implant organization, and membership signifies extensive and continuous study & training in implantology. This includes both placing and restoring implants. ICOI also serves as a community for those passionate about continuing this type of education. All this results in members who all have strong foundations of quality treatment for patients. Dr. Edwards is among these members, and we are so proud to have him lead our practice!

We create prosthetics that fit your teeth to act as structural replacements for the roots of lost teeth, to create a foundation for a dental crown, or to stabilize dentures.

If this treatment can help you, please remember that many dental implant patients with complex restorative needs should schedule longer appointments to complete the majority of their treatment in a single visit. Dental implant treatment varies so much from patient to patient and evaluation would be needed to give you an accurate and cost-efficient price estimation.

Whether you’re hoping to replace a single tooth or multiple, Dr. Edwards can help you rebuild your smile!

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